About Us

Hi, my name's Alex, and I have been running a small business selling plastic travel bottles and containers since 2002. I was a one-man operation then, but I've grown my business to have 4 full-time employees now. Below is a picture of our small office!

3 ounces 100ml 3oz plastic travel bottles containers office

We have been previously selling our plastic bottles through classifieds, both online and offline, and supplying local companies. We have now moved into full-fledged, world-wide sales with this new E-commerce store, PlasticTravelBottles.com, and we are pledged to giving you quality products at great prices.

Response has been overwhelming ever since, and we have quickly become the world-wide Ecommerce store of choice when it comes to plastic travel bottles and containers, due to our attention to our price, speed, and products.

These days, we’ve grown into operating our own small warehouse for our bottles and containers to serve our commercial clients. The website has grown to be a place where you can find plastic bottles and plastic containers, amongst other travel necessities. We pride ourselves on being a small and efficient operation, and value you as our visitor.

3 ounces 100ml 3oz plastic travel bottles containers warehouse

If you're looking for plastic travel bottles and containers to store shampoo, soap, medicine, lotions, or anything else, you've come to the right place. There's nowhere else that you can find a listing of quality products at low prices than at PlasticTravelBottles.com!

But don't just read about us – find out the difference! Start browsing through our store and put in an order to see what I'm talking about!

Alex Jackson